The Armoury by The Real McCoy's

The Armoury by The Real McCoy's Double-Breasted Flight Leather Jacket

USD 2,300

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We’re very excited to collaborate with The Real McCoy’s, a reproduction brand well known for taking inspiration from vintage Americana. Using the same materials and manufacturing methods from the 1940s and 50s, founder Hitoshi Tsujimoto and his team of craftsmen use an incredible amount of detail to meet the specs and quality of the original garments. 

The Armoury x The Real McCoy's flight jacket is made up in a front quarter heavy-duty horsehide, engineered to be roughed up. Wear it in good stead, don't be precious with it, and you will be rewarded with a beautifully patinated garment over the many years of wear. 

The double-breasted fit is based on an old 1950s motorcycle biker jacket from The Real McCoy's vintage archive. We updated the original for a cleaner, more modern look. 


Front quarter horsehide
Brass front zip closure
Two interior pockets
Two exterior slash pockets
Classic false belt
Side cinch adjuster
Notched collar

Size and Fit

The jacket fits true to size. 

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