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The Armoury Jubilee Pebble Grain Split-toe Derby

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We’re very excited to introduce our Armoury shoe collection. Our shoes are designed in collaboration with Yohei Fukuda, one of the greatest bespoke shoemakers in the world, and are made in Northampton, England where Fukuda once trained. We gave our shoe last a soft, chiseled toe while widening the ball of the foot to ensure comfort.

The Armoury Jubilee model features a double stitched toe, for a sportier, more casual look.

For this winter, we've created a new version of the Jubilee, this time in brown grained calf with a tough dainite sole. We designed this version for our customers in colder, wetter climes. Together with Yohei Fukuda, we used a neater style of derby construction, where the quarters are integrated with the main panels of the shoe, rather than separate panels for the vamp and the mid sections of the shoe. We used a slightly wider welt than normal to give the shoe some additional heft. The dainite sole is durable and prevents water from seeping up into the shoe. The shoe has been made of a tough, dark brown grained leather that hides scuffs and marks well. The overall effect is a shoe that is versatile for all weather use and will carry you through the rain and snow of fall and winter with ease.


Pebble grained calf leather
Dainite rubber sole
5 eyelet derby
Goodyear welted 
Fully Lined
Made in Northampton, England

Size & Fit

Debuting our Hajime 始めlast, the Japanese word for beginning, the last has our signature English soft chisel toe, a low, sleek profile, and a wider forefoot for extra comfort.

The Armoury shoes come in UK sizes. To convert US to UK sizing, please subtract 1 size from your normal US size for the right fit.

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