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The Armoury Fino Montecristi Panama hat

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A Montecristi Hat is a unique, handpicked treasure of flawless craftsmanship and classic style, with carefully curated colors.

The straw Montescristi hat is woven out of the leaves of the carludovica palmata, a type of palm indigenous to Ecuador. The art of weaving this straw has been practiced along the Ecuadorian Coast since the 1600s.

These Panama hats are made nearly flawlessly, with solid color, and a consistent weave, exhibiting the “enjiras,” spiraling patterns which radiate out from the center of the crown. These hats are exceptionally fine and are at level of beautiful, handcrafted quality.


Woven 'Carludovica Palmata' straw
Blue/Marine external ribbon
Internal band: black ribbon

Size & Fit

Brim width: 6.5cm

For best fit, measure around your head in CM.

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