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I Colori Di Antonio DVD

USD 30


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I Colori di Antonio is a snapshot of the life and work of Antonio Liverano, a figure of historic proportions in the world of clothing and tailoring and one of the few masters of the Florentine tailoring style. His work is an exceedingly rare mixture of technical skill and individual style, products of incredible dedication and an eclectic personality.

The documentary captures the many facets of Antonio’s unusual life, tracing his origins, following him through his workroom to customers in Asia, discussing his aesthetic and introducing characters in his curious universe as the Liverano name evolves from a pair of brothers into the House of Liverano and its next generation steps from the wings.

Directed by Gianluca Migliarotti
Produced by Gianluca Migliarotti and The Armoury

The DVD is available in PAL and NTSC format and has English, Japanese, Chinese, and Italian subtitles. It has no region encoding, so please choose the correct formatting.