Baudoin & Lange

Baudoin & Lange Sagan Classic Loafer

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Bringing his bespoke shoemaking experience to his RTW line, Allan Baudoin and his team handmake each slipper in their workshop in London. Specializing in unlined slippers, each shoe has a handcrafted insole with a cushioned inset, making them extremely comfortable while accommodating a wide variety of widths. The Sagan loafer is crafted from supple suede lambskin, tanned locally and exclusively for them.


Suede Lambskin
Leather trim
Apron toe
Handcrafted insoles
Handmade in London

Size and Fit

Baudoin & Lange loafers are unlined, meaning it has more stretch compared to other shoes and will enclose your foot in a natural way and adapt to your foot anatomy. We recommend going true to size.

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