Abbeyhorn Clothing Brush

USD 50

Established in 1749, Abbeyhorn has been making handcrafted horn products in England for more than 260 years. Made from real oxenhorn, each Abbeyhorn is constructed with strength and durability in mind, leading to a product guaranteed to last a lifetime. With a handle designed to minimize physical effort and discomfort, a clothing brush should be an essential part of your wardrobe; used regularly it will keep your clothes in peak condition and extend their life.

*All Abbeyhorn products are handmade from natural materials, leading to each product having a unique color and pattern. Should you have a specific color requirement in mind, please contact us when placing your order.


Handcrafted oxhorn handle
Natural bristles
Individualized variation in color
Engraved Armoury logo
Made in England

Size and Fit

250mm by 35mm