The Armoury

The Armoury "James Bond" RAF Nato Watch Strap

USD 25

The Armoury is proud to present its own collection of nylon watch straps. Tracing its origins to the Second World War, the NATO strap came with an extra piece of nylon that looped behind the watch, snugly attaching the case to the wrist. With its inexpensiveness and durability, the NATO strap quickly became a mainstay among watch wearers.

This strap is modeled after the infamous NATO strap that Sean Connery’s James Bond wore in “Goldfinger.” Originally believed to be a black and gray stripe, many strap makers sold reproductions of this pattern in the NATO style for decades. It wasn’t until the advent of Blu-Ray DVD that fans noticed the strap to be a black, red, and olive stripe. This strap is modeled after the true black/red/olive NATO strap that captured the attention of James Bonds fans for so long.


PVD surgical grade stainless steel buckles

Size and Fit

Length: 30 CM