The Armoury

The Armoury Hanger 3 - Suits & Sportcoats

USD 59

We've teamed up with an incredible Japanese manufacturer to produce our own exclusive hangers. Produced in a rich mahogany color, the suit hanger is all wood and features broad shoulders, a felted trouser bar, and high quality hardware that is anchored securely. It's shaped specifically to preserve the line of your jackets especially at the collar and shoulder, the areas most crucial for keeping your garments damage free. Finished with The Armoury logo, it is the same hanger that we use in our stores!


Solid wood
2-piece construction
Anchored hardware
Felted trouser bar
Laser etched logo
Made in Japan

Size and Fit

Width (point-to-point): 43cm
Shoulder width: 6cm
Total Height: 27cm