A Man and His Watch

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These copies are signed by author Matthew Hranek.

Author Matthew Hranek, a fixture in the NYC menswear scene and watch enthusiast, showcases the exclusive collections of 76 pristine watches with stories just as rich as the detailing. The stunning original photography captures the pristine detailing of watches from likes of Andy Warhol's Patek Philippe, Sylvestor Stallone's Tiffany & Co. Gold Rolex Submarinor, our very own Mark Cho's Grand Seiko among the collective of wearers. 

Hranek focuses on the storytelling behind the face, bringing together timepieces as moments in history: Sir Edmund Hillary's Rolex that has seen the peak of Mt. Everest to President Roosevelt's elegant gold Tiffany watch worn during the famous Yalta Conference post-World War II.

The book starts with the journey of one of the most iconic timepieces, Paul Newman's Rolex Daytona, a gift from his wife. From there, we dive into the intimate, first-hand accounts of these timepieces that span decades with rich history and craftsmanship in a mesmerizing display of photography and storytelling.


7" x 11"

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