The Sunbrella Garment Bag

Possibly the highlight of this collection, the sunbrella garment bag is practically everything in one. Featuring multiple pockets and enough room to store everything from your shirts to your shoes. Taking this bag on your next trip will ensure that you won't arrive with a crumpled suit.

The Sunbrella Duffle Bag

The sunbrella duffle is based on Frank Clegg's signature travel duffle, so the shape makes for the perfect all-around bag. The key feature here is weight. By swapping out the usual heavy leather exterior for equally hardwearing, yet lightweight canvas, this bag will take you far without the pains of heavy luggage.

The Sunbrella Tote Bag

This hard-wearing tote is perfect for extended travel, or day to day use. Wether you're heading to the beach with towels and books or heading to the office and need a place to stow your laptop and papers, this tote is sure to get you there in style.

The Sunbrella Travel Kit

The waterproof sunbrella canvas makes perfect sense for a travel kit. A practical choice for liquids, there is also plenty of room for razors, etc.