"I love the combination of light, soft and muted colors so my eye immediately caught the camel hair jacket in baby camel hair. It´s daring in some ways but I think it works wonderfully with soft shades of grey and moss. For this reason I opted for the light grey cotton/cashmere shirt made for The Armoury in Naples. I think the shade and matte finish combined with the beautiful collar makes it a casual yet elegant combination."

"I added the Pommella AUS1 trousers in reverse moleskin with an interesting pocket design as a way to keep the look casual but still with clean lines."

"Last but not least I opted for the dark brown suede version of the Wyndham semi brogue. I simply love suede shoes and the matte texture works very well with the rest of this outfit."

"For the more formal outfit I opted for the DB Model 6 sport coat in a lovely vintage Sportex from Dormeuil. To be honest I already knew how much I liked this fabric since I ordered a charcoal version of it as a Model 3 suit a few years back. That suit has become a personal favourite. The body and the drape of this fabric is simply amazing and I like that it was a little lighter in shade than the normal navy."

"This made it easier to combine with the PA1 trousers from Pommella in a lovely cream coloured flannel from Fox Brothers. I especially like the D-ring belted closure that is adjustable for optimal comfort. The handwork of the trousers is flawless and I prefer the fuller cut with a 2 inch cuff."

"I do not wear pocket squares as much as I used to but I really like the lapel chain from Patinova that I got a few years back. I think it adds a nice touch to the overall look."

"I added a light blue shirt from Ascot Chang with a shade between the two other garments to balance it out and the seven fold grenadine tie from Tie Your Tie. The construction of the tie is so soft that it makes for a small and tight knot while it still has a casual feel to it."

"For this look I went with the brown calf version of the Wyndham semi brogue for a little less contrast against the cream trousers."

”The AL trenchcoat from Coherence is a true classic with proportions and a silhouette that brings style icons like Albert Camus or Humphrey Bogart to mind. I really like the fact that this actually keep you and your feet dry during a rain since the skirt is big enough and the length goes below the knee, something which is quite hard to find in today’s market. I prefer to tie the belt with a casual knot and pop the collar for a relaxed yet elegant approach. “

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