The Making of the Modern Umbrella

Fox has always been an innovator of umbrella construction. In the early days, the original founder Thomas Fox partnered with Samuel Fox (no relation) to produce the first high quality steel ribs in inter-locking tube-like shapes, making the frames stronger, smoother and more compact.


Mr. Fox passed the company to the Dixon family, who expanded the business in the early 20th century. During World War II, Fox aided the British war effort by producing nylon parachutes. They soon adapted nylon as a material for their umbrella canopies and thus pioneered what would become a move away from silk canopies.


The company has since passed hands to the Garrett family. Ray Garrett and his two sons, John and Paul, continue to oversee the family business, where they preserve many aspects of the original umbrella manufacturing process.


Behind the company is a team of machinists, woodworkers, mounters and craftsmen. This is the team responsible for making some of the finest umbrellas in the world, and their long commitment to hand-crafted quality has earned them admiration from the likes of the English royal family, American presidents, and Hollywood productions.

A properly made umbrella will last a lifetime. Fox has been hand-making umbrellas in England for over 150 years.

Fox Umbrellas Available at The Armoury

We offer a wide range of options and configurations in our ready-to-wear collection including collapsible telescopic versions and traditional solid stick frames.


Our favorites are the solid stick umbrellas. The frame and handle are expertly bent from a single solid piece of wood, creating something that is both extremely beautiful as well as exceptionally strong. First time owners are usually pleasantly surprised that it is in fact possible to produce an umbrella that does not collapse with every gust of wind. These umbrellas are built to take a little punishment and last a lifetime.


Fox offers an extensive custom program. Umbrellas can be custom ordered in a variety of wood handles and canopy colors. There is also the option of adding a monogram to the umbrella collar.

Where to find them

Fox Umbrellas are available to shop online as well as in-store in both New York City and Hong Kong. The Armoury New York is hosting a Fox Umbrella Trunk Show on January 18th, 2019. Details can be found here.