Pitti 94


The Armoury Team along with Orazio and Pino Luciano who celebrated 20 years of Orazio Luciano this past month!
Team Liverano with Team VBC, makers of some of our favorite suits and fabrics, including those used in our core 4-ply suits!
Our friend Sasamoto-san of Ring Jacket in a navy linen suit!
Sasamoto-san with our HK team member Jan in a MTM suit by Orazio Luciano
Jan (in his MTM gun club sport coat by Orazio Luciano) checking out exciting new pieces from Coherence.
Jan checking out the fabric on Jim's new Orazio sport coat
Mark-san Jim-san with Sasamoto-san and Fukushima-san at the Ring Jacket booth
Jim wearing this seasons cotton / cashmere suit by Ring Jacket and his bespoke Nackymade sunglasses.
Sasamoto-san of Ring Jacket, Nakagomi-san of Coherence and Kapil-san of Ring Jacket USA
Nakagomi-san of Coherence and Kapil-san of Ring Jacket USA
Stormy skies over Florence
Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore
Nakagomi-san of Coherence
Hanging out with our buddies from Drake's London.
Kenji Kaga of Tie Your Tie after discussing next season's selections.
The ultimate Drake's man himself: Creative Director Micheal Hill.
Gianlucca Migliarotti of Pommella Napoli, looking suave as ever.
Hong Kong boys conducting business. New lapel jewelry coming to you soon.
Taka of Liverano & Liverano, no caption needed.
See you at Pitti Uomo 95!