What is the AMJ07 Travel Sport Coat?

What makes our new Travel Sport Coat unique?

If you've browsed the Ring Jacket selection of our website you may have come across terms such as AMJ or AMP and wondered, "what do these mean"? Although not immediately apparent, they simply refer to a naming convention that we use when developing our house models with Ring Jacket. AMJ is the acronym for "Armoury Jacket" and AMP is the acronym for "Armoury Pant".

A great starting point for breaking down the differences in these models is our recently launched video series. We are constantly developing and refining at The Armoury and our most recent jacket model is the Armoury Jacket 7 or the AMJ07 Travel Sport Coat.

The AMJ07 was created specifically for a more casual and comfortable experience. Something that you can travel with and throw into your bag without a worry. It retains the look and fit of our AMJ03 "house-cut" sport coat but with a paired down construction and a more debonair style. Below are a few points that differentiate the AMJ07 from our other Ring Jacket sport coats.

- Completely unstructured shoulder: The AMJ07 has no internal structure in the shoulder - it is created by simply adjoining the fabric from the sleeve to the sleevehead and finishing the seam by hand. Ultimately, this leads to a garment that looks and feels extremely comfortable, often wearing more like shirt or a sweater than a sport coat.

- Hammer darts: Hidden behind the lapel is a small shaping of fabric that starts just below the collar, referred to as a "hammer dart". Since the jacket has very little structure due to the lack of canvas, hammer darts are used to add "built-in" shape around the most critical area - the chest, collar, and shoulder line.

- Fully finished interior seams: With the removal of the canvas comes a completely naked garment on the inside. Ring Jacket has expertly finished each interior seam so that the inside is clean and tidy, a sign of attention to detail.

- No Canvas: We completely removed any canvas or internals in the chest of the garment. Canvas is generally used to add base structure to the front of a garment. In high-end tailoring, this canvas is often cut and stitched in various ways so that it conforms to the wearer over time. With the AMJ07, we've removed the canvas structure to make the garment as casual and easy-to-wear as possible.

- No lining: Along with the removal of the canvas and internals also comes the removal of the lining. Traditionally, sport coats and suits are lined for wearability. The drawback, although minor, is that it is harder for the benefits of the fabric to be showcased. A completely unlined garment allows the fabric to sit directly on the wearer.

- Triple patch pockets: A first in a ready-to-wear garment for The Armoury, the triple patch pocket configuration adds an additional relaxed detail to the garment.