TMBH: Takuya Made By Hand

TMBH Handmade Cardholders | The low-key Japanese leather brand is a shining example of simplicity and mastery of craft.

Japanese leather craftsman Takuya Okamoto has done everything he can to conceal the secrets of his craft. His made-in-Japan creations, which look so deceptively simple, belie much of the attention to detail and time spent to make them. It’s the reason why people in the know value the kind of products that come out of his atelier.

Okamoto’s brand, TMBH (which means Takuya Made by Hand) eschews embellishment in favour of invisible details. One key example is the cardholder, which is stocked at The Armoury and made out of two layers of calf leather, precisely cut to size with precision. Together, they form the exterior and interior of the product.

What is remarkable about the product? Unlike the vast majority of luxury equivalents, the cardholder does not possess a single stitch. Instead, Okamoto uses resin glue to securely attach the two leather panels together and folds the panel into its final shape, almost resembling an origami project.

To finish it off, Okamoto carefully shaves by hand the areas of the panel which will overlap one another. Careful consideration is taken to calculate the exact area and thickness of shaving, so by the time the entire panel is secured into place, any overlaps have the same even thickness as other parts of the cardholder. It comes together like a well-made jigsaw puzzle. The only sign of Okamoto’s dedication to his craft is the barely visible seams.

This attention to detail, which is a difference of a few mere millimeters, makes all the difference in creating a perfectly even cardholder. The overall aesthetic, whilst luxurious, is also classic and modern. It’s why we admire Okamoto’s work, who understands the often-overlooked luxury of a cardholder that can slip in and out of the pocket with ease.

TMBH’s cardholders come in a variety of colours. The brand’s signature pieces consist of a conventional colour on the outside, with a bright pop of colour inside (like a dark green and orange combo). Other options include the use of exotic skins such as alligator and crocodile, as well made-to-order versions too.

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