The COHÉRENCE "AL": A Detailed Breakdown

The classic trench coat has a clearly defined beginning. Born out of the necessities of the British militia during World War I, it is one of few garments that you can still find faithful reproductions of its original design.

Cohérence takes the concept of classic outerwear and focuses on specific instances from stylish thinkers and artists. The "AL" trench coat takes it's inspiration from famous French philosopher and author Albert Camus. Below we breakdown the features of the coat, some pulled directly from the classic trench and others specifically tweaked by Coherence founder, Kentaro Nakagomi.

Similar to Albert Camus' trench coat, the "AL" features raglan sleeves, a very large collar and lapels, and a generous storm flap on the back. The most noticeable detail from Camus' coat was the absence of epaulettes, a design element that's been carried over to Coherence's version as well. In addition, the "AL" shares several features with its classic English counterpart such as a gun flap on the right shoulder that allows the jacket to be fully buttoned up, a hook-and-eye enclosure with adjustable throat latch, and a wide belt with d-rings. All of this was meant to help protect the wearer from the elements and make it easier to maneuver on the front line.

Cohérence's Twill Jersey is a high gauge polyester fabric woven in a twill-like fashion. It is breathable, naturally water resistant, and durable which makes it perfect for the elements. Also, the fabric has a bit of elasticity to it and is lined in very high quality cotton, making it extremely comfortable to wear.

A signature of Cohérence outwear, the "AL" features through-pockets. These offer the wearer a unique way of accessing the interior of the jacket through an ingenious slash pocket that sits inside the external side pockets. Left your cash in your right trouser pocket? No need to unbutton or pull up your coat, simply reach through the through-pockets to your trousers and retrieve your cash!

The waist belt, throat latch, D-rings, and sleeve straps all feature heavy-duty brass hardware that will never rust or deform, even in the harshest of conditions