The Caruso Summer Knit

Dressing for comfort is one of the core beliefs of The Armoury. It is our opinion that a man who feels at ease, whether at work, on the streets, or at home will undoubtedly look put together.

One important factor we take in our quest for comfort is the seasons and how to dress appropriately for varying climates. So when the first signs of warmer weather start creeping in, it is our cue to take out lighter pieces and find a way to mix them into our wardrobe. One piece that we have started stocking this season just for this kind of occasion is the Caruso short sleeve summer knit.

“The reason why we stock these summer knits is because it isn’t the image that people typically think of when you mention knitwear. Caruso has developed these knitwear models, which we really admire and think are great,” explains Mark Cho. “Whilst our shop does its own brand of knits in Scotland which are nicer as heavyweights, we often refer back to Caruso for lightweight summer versions.”

Whilst some other knitwear pieces can feel spongy and a little stretchy, the Caruso model has a fine and crisp texture with a lightweight feel. This is due to the material and fabrication, which in this case is superfine cotton and wool. The details also mirror that same crispness with fine ribbing details on the cuffs, hem, and collar.

“Caruso has a very Italian sense of color. There is a teal which is eye-catching, a versatile cream, a classic navy, and an egg yolk yellow. Whilst most Asian people have a hard time wearing yellow, this hue is so saturated that it goes well with their skin tones,” explains Cho.

The fit of each model is also beautifully balanced – the collar is just the right size, the body is relaxed, and there is just enough space so that one’s arms can move comfortably. Worn on its own or smartly tucked underneath a blazer, it is a casual and versatile piece that will fare well in any man’s closet.