The Armoury AMP Ring Jacket Chino

How to deliver bold contrast with a punch of summery colors.

Colors play a pivotal role in style, especially in the summer months when vibrant hues really come to the fore. This is why we’re proud to share our next installment of Ring Jacket chinos in the AMP03 model. Made specifically for hot and balmy days, the pants are constructed out of light and breathable Italian E. Thomas cotton.

This season, we’ve made some up in exuberant hues like egg yolk yellow and burnt orange. As such, we suggest pairing the pants with pieces that share the same casual and cheerful tone. One way to achieve this is by styling the pants with colors that are as equally bold to create strong visual contrast, such as yellow pants with a navy blue blazer.

Another alternative is to use a more muted top, like our olive drab Caruso capri collar shirt, as pairing a muted brown shirt with burnt orange pants can help tone down the overall impact.

For those who are a little more color-averse, we still offer the same classic options of mushroom, taupe, and navy. These work well all year round and are staple pieces that blend seamlessly with our other tailoring at The Armoury.

The AMP03 model has been constructed with a specific fit in mind – one that has been a project of ongoing improvement over many years. The AMP03 is well-shaped without constricting movement. The high-rise silhouette is also a style that we favor given its flattering and comfortable fit. Our chinos are no different and are constructed to give the illusion of longer legs and a slick look.

In addition to the AMP03 model, The Armoury also offers the AMP02 style from Ring Jacket. While the former model features a clean front, the AMP02 possesses a single pleat for extra room. Otherwise, the fit from the knee down remains the same. Together, both are unique fits that The Armoury has created in collaboration with Ring Jacket and are products that have, over time, proven themselves as worthy classics of any wardrobe.