The Armoury x Porter Traveller's Briefcase

Co-founder Mark Cho describes the details that went into The Armoury x Porter Traveller's Briefcase collaboration.

The Armoury x Porter Collaboration

I created the Traveller’s Briefcase project because I wanted a lightweight briefcase that could hold a lot, travel well and pair appropriately with a suit. I’m constantly in airports, a stressful experience that can be mitigated by keeping a routine for how I do things at the airport. Part of that routine is always knowing where items I might need are and having easy access to them.

I have long been a fan of Porter, and was overjoyed when they agreed to develop a bag with us at The Armoury. Porter is an old Japanese bag-making company thats products blend functionality with Japanese quirkiness. Porter founder, Yoshida Kichizo, starting training at just 12 years old in 1918. He went on to launch Porter in 1962 in Japan, after seeing a need for high quality craftsmanship in everyday bags. The company is known for leveraging its knowledge of materials to create functional, timeless bags.

The collaboration is a perfect fit with The Armoury’s mission of well-constructed, functional pieces and international classic application.

The Details

The bag is designed to be space efficient, split into two major sections: the front for small items and the main interior for larger items. The front section has a plethora of pockets both wide and narrow so that items can be separated neatly and fit in vertically. It always annoys me when the contents of my bags slide to the bottom and get mixed up, so the shape of the pockets - to fit power adapters, tablets, notebooks and pens - was essential to our design. The interior houses a generous padded laptop compartment which holds up to a 15” Macbook Pro. There is also a large, transparent zip pocket for items that are in need of extra security.

We added a number of additional traveller friendly features as well: tall rectangular patch and flap pockets on the exterior of the bag that can hold boarding passes and passport wallets. A discreet, zipped pocket on the back of the bag that is easily accessed and can hold any loose items you might have as you pass through security. A zip at the bottom of the back pocket of the bag, which can be opened, and allows the bag to be slipped over the handle of a luggage trolley.

We’ve balanced the bag’s functionality with an elegant design that is suitable in and out of the office. The bags are made up in a hardy medium-weight nylon and combined with with leather trims, handles, and zip pulls to soften its technical appearance.

Since our first successful run of the Traveller’s Briefcase a few years ago, we’ve updated it to include new colours and minor tweaks to the design. The designer I worked with at Porter, Matsumura-san, had some particularly excellent suggestions on new material combinations that are striking, and go beyond the typical classic colour schemes. My personal favourite is the new olive nylon and black leather combo.

Three years on and I still see our bag in the wild, in heavy use by our customers and serving them well. I hope this new generation of Traveller’s Briefcase will be just as well loved and used as the last!