The Armoury x Pitti Uomo 94

The Armoury HK & NY came together at the annual menswear gathering at Pitti Uomo in June. Co-founder Mark Cho documented the sartorial journey for us in developing new products and meeting old friends.

Alexa Bui demonstrates color blocking in her pink and navy ensemble.
The Armoury x Orazio Luciano
NYC shop manager Jim Parker in this season's Ascot Chang x The Armoury safari jacket in oatmeal linen along with an MTM Armoury shirt with one piece collar, in Thomas Mason seersucker. His 'Nashville' Nackymade shades are available online as well.
Alexa demonstrating the right way to accessorize in the Italian heat.
The Armoury has a way of finding nice alleyways wherever we go.
Drake's London Creative Director, and good friend, Michael Hill
Matt Coles from Drake's demonstrating the proper way to mix patterns.
Taking a candid with one of our UK photographer friends.
Kenji Kaga is all smiles and style after our meeting discussing new ties in development.
Team Liverano with Francesco Barberis, Creative Director of VBC, makers of some of our favorite suits and fabrics, including those used in our core 4-ply suits.
White trouser on display at the Pommella Napoli party.
Gianluca Migliarotti, director of numerous documentaries, including O'Mast, I Color Di Antonio and Driving Dreams. Also, the other half of Pommella Napoli.
Sasomoto of Ring Jacket in his black linen suit.
A glimpse through the trees.
Hong Kong's Jan enjoying his cigar.
A better look at Jan's MTM Orazio Luciano suit and Sasamoto's black linen Ring Jacket.
Florence skies
Alan and wife Alexa demonstrate couple goals in seersucker.
Jan (in his MTM gun club sport coat by Orazio Luciano) checking out exciting new pieces from Coherence.
Working on new accessories.
The lapel decor adds a subtle hint of color.
Jan is wearing a MTM sport coat by Orazio Luciano and bespoke trousers by Ambrosi Napoli.
Alan in a beautiful cotton suit by Liverano & Liverano.
Again, here is Alan showcasing his Montescristi hat.
Mark is wearing this seasons "balloon wool" check fabric sport coat from Ring Jacket with white cotton trousers by Pommella.
Developing more hardware for Pommella trousers.
Sasamoto is very excited about the upcoming Fall/Winter Ring Jacket collection for The Armoury.
Jim showing Jan his RTW Orazio check sport coat.
Sasamoto cannot contain his excitement about The Armoury by Ring Jacket tailoring.
More The Armoury by Ring Jacket tailoring coming soon.
Jan is wearing a raw silk sport coat, MTM by Orazio Luciano, bespoke trousers by Ambrosi Napoli, and a vintage tie.
Alan looking fantastic in his Liverano & Liverano bespoke suit.
Jim catches a break in his Orazio jacket and white seersucker Pommella trousers.
The boys are in town.
Mark in a cream linen Liverano sport coat and bespoke trousers by Pommella.
Close up of Mark's Pommella trouser waistband with new O-ring.
Satoshi Yoshida Coherence's PR Manager
Kapil of Ring Jacket US is all business with Kentaro Nakagomi, Creative Director of Coherence.
A wider shot featuring Sasamoto, Nakagomi, & Kapil
The Duomo in Florence
New olive lizard, tanned in house at Jean Rousseau, available soon in The Armoury's exclusive Winston Wallet model.
Taka of Liverano & Liverano is all smiles here.
Alan slinging back his Frank Clegg x The Armoury tote.
See you at the next Pitti!