Video Series: How Should a Suit Fit

Our series gives an in-depth look into suit fitting using The Armoury models made by Ring Jacket.

At the Armoury, we understand that the world of clothing is a very visual one. For us, the greatest joy from clothing comes from our tactile experiences with it - a fabric that feels great in your hands, a jacket that fits you just right, or the knowledge gained from those around you.

With our new video series, we aim to bring these physical experiences one step closer to our digital customers. Our goal is to explore a range of topics within the clothing community, from how a suit should fit to interviews with our talented artisans. We hope you have as much fun watching as we had making them.

#1 – How Should a Suit Fit?
#2 – An Introduction to The Armoury made by Ring Jacket
#3 – The AMJ01 Single Breasted Jacket Model (The Armoury Model 1)
#4 – The AMJ03 Single Breasted Jacket Model (The Armoury Model 3)
#5 – The AMJ06 Double Breasted Jacket Model (The Armoury Model 6)
#6 – The 184 Jacket Model