The Armoury NYC 3 Yr Anniversary

December 11th, 2016 marked The Armoury NYC's 3 year anniversary and the 6th year of continuous Armoury operations.

The Armoury NYC outside the shop
Mark in Tailor Caid
Nick ringing up a customer
Jeff at our favorite spot on Staple Street
The Ring Jacket team's first trunk show
The numbers 1-6-8 form a shadow across our store wall
The Liverano team chats with Bruce Boyer
An early team shot with Nick, Jeremy, Jeff, and Zach
Bailey, the man behind the scenes
Taylor on Duane Street
Jeremy and Taka
Rick takes a break during our Spring/Summer Lookbook shoot
Jim looking sharp in our tuxedo during our Spring/Summer Lookbook shoot
Ben strolling to the store
Amechi on Duane street
The bar at Spring Place

Throughout those years we've worked with countless talented artisans, serviced thousands of amazing clients, taken delivery on custom items from around the world, helped people buy their first suit, and built up a strong and creative team. We can't thank our clients and fans enough for being there for all of it. None of this would have been possible without you.

To mark The Armoury NYC's third year in business, we've put together a photo journal of unreleased photographs that document the shop since day one along with some choice quotes of our favorite memories. We hope you enjoy it as much as we've enjoyed growing over the past few years!

Jeremy Kirkland:

“I remember going to karaoke in Hong Kong and calling for the mic when Papa Roach came on. I was a bit inebriated and didn't see the mic coming. Little to my knowledge the microphone was hurling through the air. hit me right in the face. I still managed to finish the song.”

Jim Parker:

"The Armoury held a launch party for True Style and Richard Press [from J.Press] saw me as I was walking by. He stopped me and said, "You look very Ivy." I think my colleague, Richard, who always dresses uber-American, died a little inside.

Jeff Hilliard:

"I'll never forget how excited I was to visit The Armoury in Hong Kong for the first time. I'll also never forget losing my passport during my connection and calling Mark to tell him I was going to be a day or two behind. Found my passport though!"

Nick Ragosta:

"It was a thrill to watch the shop take form from a raw space. It was basically a construction zone up until 9:30pm the night before our launch. As soon as the builders turned over the space we got to work cleaning and merchandising so that we could open for business the next morning. I remember staying until 4am and then coming back at 7am the next day. It wouldn't have happened without the hard work of the team. The shop has come so far since and truly looks better every week."

Bailey McKay:

"For our Holiday 2015 staff party we had a big team dinner in a private room and somehow the topic of music came up. I threw everyone off by rapping the entirety of Outkast's Bombs Over Baghdad a cappella"

Richard Carroll:

"The first time Yamamoto-san from Tailor Caid was in town for a trunk show, we went to karaoke at a tiny place in Korea town. Everything and everyone there was Japanese and no one seemed to even speak English. We were there singing until about 4am and after Yamamoto-san demanded that we go to the Irish bar next door for a few final drinks. There are a few photos of me on the floor, eyes closed, fist in the air singing. Yamamoto-san and I have been close ever since."

Gunarat Lorn:

"On a slower week earlier this year, we noticed an odor in our offices that we couldn't find the source of. To get rid of the smell, I took air freshener and started spraying it everywhere I could, emptying the bottle. I was so focused on getting rid of the smell that I sprayed it directly into Jeremy's face. To this day, I consider myself a hero, even if not everyone thought so that day."

Misako Otani:

"My most memorable moment at The Armoury was quite the incident. I was fixing pizza boxes in the kitchen and accidentally turned on the electric stove. I didn't notice it at first, but it started fire and in a few minutes the boxes and pizza inside were on fire. I got frantic and called my colleague who immediately ran to the fire extinguisher and put down the flame. Fortunately, we learned our lesson and got safety stove-knob covers for the stove."