Talking with Liverano & Liverano

Liverano & Liverano, one of Florence's finest tailoring houses, is guiding a new generation of young men interested in their masculine and elegant silhouette.

Florentine tailoring house Liverano & Liverano has undergone a shift of sorts. While Antonio Liverano still oversees all aspects of the business from his atelier in Italy, he has, in recent years, entrusted Takahiro Osaki and Qemal Selimi with the responsibility of handling clients abroad. Under their watchful eyes, the duo have witnessed a change in the type of customers drawn to the company’s sharply cut suits.

The New Tailoring Customer

“Compared to 13 years ago when I first started working here, the biggest difference is that we now get a lot of overseas customers,” explains Osaki. “Back then, we had a lot of Italian clients in their fifties, sixties, and seventies. Now, they come from abroad and are also a lot younger – the average age is around 45.”

Perhaps this trend has to do with the way Antonio approaches his customers. Rather than target a specific clientele, he encourages his team to engage and talk with everyone who enters their shop. The shop staff spends time talking, teaching, and educating their clients. Not unlike the consultative approach of The Armoury staff. This approach helps to establish a relationship, and when the time comes many eventually decide to invest in a Liverano & Liverano suit.

Soft Florentine Tailoring

Osaki explains the signature features of the company’s suit: “the tailoring style of Liverano & Liverano follows Florentine traditions. The front features a two or three button closure. The shoulder is soft and a little extended and most of the times does not feature any shoulder padding. The arm sleeves are also engineered to be roomier, which provides ease of movement and comfort.”

“In addition, the company’s suits features two darts, which are located below the sleeve. Conventional suits feature two more darts, usually found in the front chest area. However, we remove these in order to achieve a clean, seamless front. Instead, a hot iron and skillful handwork is employed to create the same fitted and sculpted effect.”

Liverano at The Armoury

Those attending a Liverano & Liverano trunkshow at The Armoury will be greeted by Osaki and Selimi, who are happy to guide and advise during every step of the suit making process. After discussing the intended occasion and usage of the suit, the duo will suggest five or six different fabric swatches. Materials hail from Italian, British, and Scottish mills and are sometimes, one-offs. The goal, by providing a handful of options, is not so much to restrict but to provide choices to customers based on the duo’s expertise.

The garment is then constructed back in the Florentine workshop, with two client fittings and a final fitting. Osaki and Selimi are present during all sessions, ensuring that clients experience the same level of personal attention and quality as a trip to their shop in Florence.

For first time customers, a suit takes up to one year from start to finish. However, from then on, subsequent orders take six months to complete. All details are considered to create a garment that, like the legacy of the Liverano brothers, will undoubtedly stand the test of time.