Film Inspired Design by Tailor CAID

We detail some of our bespoke Tailor CAID commissions inspired by film.

Yamamoto-san of Tailor CAID is known as a master of his craft, and the truest representative of a bespoke tailoring. He cuts patterns and sews his pieces by hand. He thoroughly researches details by sourcing authentic archival pattern books, vintage cloths and more. Although known for a signature traditional American Ivy-Style look, Yamamoto-san can create garments with impeccable details from any source of inspiration.

Yamamoto-san is an experts of creating detailed masterpieces, such as 1930s-style suits to overcoats based on a box coat from the 1950s. He's also created the international classic house model in collaboration with The Armoury, The Model 99. Below we detail some of our bespoke Tailor CAID commissions inspired by film.

This brilliantly executed piece was inspired by Steve McQueen's infamous sport coat in the film Bullitt.
Up close of the herringbone pattern and suede elbow patches.
Our own operations manager commissioned this beautiful full overcoat inspired by an old Japanese film called Good Morning. Yamamoto-san took the initial design, and altered the pattern to the body to create this lovely drape.

I always wanted a coat like this but I could never find it. Coats on the market nowadays do not have the right kind of silhouette, volume and length. I can only find the similar coats in the vintage market. 

Yamamoto-san worked with the client to choose a fabric that was a bit lighter camel than the original.
Our client collaborated with Yamamoto-san to create this pristine overcoat based off of classic menswear icon Cary Grant in An Affair to Remember.
Yamamoto-san updated the vintage design for modern day wear.

Tailor CAID bespoke commissions take up to a year to complete, including a fitting after 6 months with a basted garment. Below we have examples of garments within the fitting process. Tailor CAID is a wonderful choice for those looking for an investment tailoring piece to last a lifetime. Whether or not you come with your own inspiration, Yamamoto-san comes prepared with his own reference illustrations, photos and concepts.