Shades of Blue

Discover the potential of menswear’s most versatile color

Blue remains one of the most favored colors in the sartorial world – not only because of its ability to create an aura of distinction, but also because of its versatility. By playing with shape, texture, and different shades the color has the ability to suit a variety of moods and social situations. Here are some of The Armoury’s true blue stars in action, from formal down to casual.

Ring Jacket Wool Puppytooth 184 Suit

This beautiful, classic suit features a mini houndstooth (often called puppytooth) fabric by Bower Roebuck from England. The puppytooth pattern is a classic, formal fabric that nods towards English heritage, while the greys and blues of the fabric help to create a garment with visual depth. The texture is subtle and in no way screams for attention, lending itself well to a classic look.

The Armoury spread collar shirt, Drake's tie, Bretelle & Braces braces

Ring Jacket Wool/Silk Seersucker AMJ03 Suit

Made in an outstanding wool-silk seersucker, this suit distinguishes itself with its royal blue color. Conventional seersucker is usually made up in cotton, but the wool and silk fibers from this Loro Piana version lead to a cool and comfortable garment. In addition, the puckered texture, a signature of seersucker, means that this unique fabric stays away from the body lending itself to a cooler, more comfortable wearing experience.

Although light to the touch this seersucker blend also has good body and holds its shape. Its exuberant blue is eye-catching and outstanding, making it ideal for the outdoors and the summer.

Ascot Chang white polo, Tie Your Tie pocket square, Carmina suede tassel loafers

Ring Jacket Wool "Balloon" AMJ06 Sport Coat

Made from wool that is woven on a jersey machine, this double breasted sport coat benefits from the stretch of its traditional cotton jersey counterparts. However, unlike cotton, which can lose its shape over time, “ Balloon” has memory that allows it to return to its original shape. This is because the fabric is woven with interlocking properties, meaning that the yarns and threads stay firmly in place without becoming misshaped.

Made with minimal lining to enhance its breathability, the sport coat also benefits from the fabric’s open weave. That said, the fabric retains a dry, somewhat stiff texture, giving it substantial body and drape.

The Armoury spread collar shirt, Liverano silk flower motif tie, Ambrosi charcoal trousers