Introducing: The Armoury by Osaku Trouser

The Armoury by Osaku trouser is the latest addition to The Armoury's selection of ready-to-wear trousers available in-store and online.

The Armoury has collaborated with trouser maker Mr. Hayato Osaku to produce a our latest Armoury trouser models. Like the majority of today’s expert tailors, Osaku-san gained experience working for sartorial houses such as Salone Ondata and more recently, Sartoria Ciccio. While working with Ciccio, Osaku-san honed in his own designs, launching his brand into the standalone atelier he has today.

The factory used to produce the trousers was established in 1975, and continues to make only men’s trousers. To make the ready-to-wear Armoury by Osaku trousers, the factory uses a hand ironing process under the guidance of Osaku-san, that he gained from his bespoke experience.The factory used to produce fabrics for the wool-mohair trousers was established in 1912, and continues to use an exceptionally rare machine called the Schoneherr weaving machine. The Schoneherr weaving machine works slowly, gently waving to not damage fabrics. This gives the weave a soft, stretchable ease and a controlled tension.

The trousers have a curved interlining, which fits the human body like bespoke trousers. The trousers are ironed with bespoke technique shirring. The hand ironing allows for nice room in the calf, along with shirring in the front and back side of the knee.

The Armoury by Osaku Flat Front Trouser has a mid rise, with more room in the hip, slimness in the thigh, and features a slight taper towards the cuff. The pleated trouser fits with a slimmer leg than traditional pleated trousers, with enough room in the hip and thigh for movement.

The Armoury by Osaku trousers, in both the flat-front and pleated-front models, are available to shop in-store and online here. Please email with any questions regarding our new trousers.