A Week's Worth: Mark Cho

In our new feature The Armoury's co-founder and resident frequent flier, Mark Cho, breaks down a week of his everyday outfits. Focusing on a single piece each day, Mark gives us some insight into how he dresses and why he chooses the things he does.

  • LOOK 1: Drake's Chambray Buttondown

"I love my Drake's shirts, especially in more casual or unusual fabrics. The shape of their buttondown collar is excellent. Soft and with just the right amount of height and length to be worn easily with or without a tie."

  • LOOK 2: Ring Jacket 4-Ply Core AMJ03 Suit

"This is a new type of fabric we're using, called a tropical 4-ply, quite rare in the marketplace right now. It's not overly lightweight, instead having good heft and body to it. It's a high twist fabric which means it's very springy and breathable, comfortable even in Hong Kong's hot summers!"

  • LOOK 3: Ring Jacket Balloon Wool Sportcoat in Brown

"I like this brown blazer as as an unusual alternative to the navy blazer. This season's is a lightweight, springy, Japanese milled fabric in a nice shade of coffee brown. It can be worn tone on tone with a cream coloured cotton trouser but it works well with dressy grey trousers, too."

  • LOOK 4: Ring Jacket Wool, Silk, Linen Check AMJ03 Sportcoat

"My favourite sport jacket of the season, the cloth is honey brown with a blue overcheck. It pairs nicely with cream and grey but because of the blue overcheck, it also works particularly well with blue trousers. The fabric is medium weight with nice texture, it could be worn well into fall with a few layers."

  • LOOK 5: The Armoury Lightweight Merino Sweater

"People say yellow is not good for Asian complexions but that only applies to certain shades of yellow. We picked a very light, pale yellow that is unusual but still versatile, even pairing well with khaki trousers because there's sufficient contrast between the colours."