Liverano & Liverano Ready-to-Wear

The Armoury is happy to stock our first line of Liverano & Liverano ready-to-wear tailoring.

The Liverano & Liverano name has been a staple of The Armoury since our earliest days in Hong Kong. They embody the best of what we look for in the tailoring world, bringing history and craftsmanship together with a modern and complimenting silhouette. We are thrilled to now offer these new RTW garments available at our shops.

The Liverano & Liverano ready-to-wear tailoring has been in development over the course of years, and we are happy to announce that we have officially stocked our first supply in the form of a classic navy wool hopsack sport coat and wool sharkskin suit. Antonio Liverano started his own small workshop to make these garments, after unsuccessful attempts at working with factories. These garments are produced by his own team in Carrara, Italy.

Much like the Liverano house cut, our Liverano ready-to-wear style is is close to the bespoke silhouette with an extended, soft shoulder, no front dart, and open quarters. We asked for a slightly higher rise pant to keep in line with Armoury style.

The jacket is soft in the shoulders, with a rear slanted shoulder seam and line that extends past the deltoid. It is generous, and perhaps a little more masculine than the very neat shoulder line seen in other regional Italian tailoring styles.

The dartless front is characteristically Florentine. It would be sackish and flat if left with a straight seam and no iron, but the single dart in the single front panel is angled, and the waist pressed into a gentle swell. The round sweep from lapel notch to open quarter adds to the slightly rural, countrified appearance. The jacket is left short, with the notch and breast pocket traditionally low.

The trousers are a higher rise, generally pleated and cuffed in a suiting cloth, with a strong taper to the ankle. It makes the overall feel slightly top heavy, but not imbalanced—more a masculine heft to the torso.

The overall effect is almost a little antique—an anti-fashion cut that doesn’t feel to prissy or too uniform. It feels like Florence—an elegant old city that has never found cause to abandon tradition for the new.