Drake's Summer Shirts

Drake's espouses the virtues of the shirt as the foundation of any outfit. Here’s why.

When East London haberdasher Drake’s opened its doors back in 1977, its founder Michael Drake had the foresight to create the best quality men’s scarves. And whilst these same scarves remain a crucial part of the company’s offerings, they’ve branched out into other categories such as neck ties, handkerchiefs and shirts, developed with the founder’s signature philosophy in mind – namely that style, comfort and quality should be the three founding pillars of any man’s wardrobe.

One of their key offerings which encapsulate all these ideals is their new line of casual button-down long sleeve shirts – all of which are made in Somerset, England. As easy as wearing a t-shirt or a polo, they are an essential warm weather shirt. The box pleat on the back allows for more freedom of movement, and the hand-lined, non-fused collar allows for a more natural look and softer wear. The shirts come in a soft, washed-out color palette of blues, whites and greys, and are ideal for summer wear.

We purposely chose a linen material featuring a slightly rough texture for its relaxed vibe. The shirts also feature some of the brand’s more peculiar patterns, including irregular, asymmetrical, and horizontal stripes. Whilst such patterns may feel out of the norm, their prints have a subtle contrast that ensure they remain wearable with everything else at The Armoury.

Ideal for the weekend, the shirts can be paired with a good pair of cotton chinos or shorts. You can roll the sleeves up, or style them with a sport coat or denim jacket. Because of its neutral color palette, these shirts serve as a versatile canvas that can be styled in a variety of ways.

Michael Drake espoused the virtues of the shirt as the foundation of any outfit. He argued that the shirt, along with the jacket and the tie, form what he calls “the V area”. It is this small but crucial region which creates the frame from which people focus on one’s face. No wonder then that starting with an appropriate cornerstone like a Drake’s shirt is incredibly important, whether at a formal event or on a weekend retreat.

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