Ascot Chang for The Armoury Polo

The Ascot Chang for The Armoury exclusive line of polos are transitional, comfortable and reliable in fit, cut and style.

Ascot Chang is a famous name in the streets of Hong Kong for tourists and locals alike. Ascot Chang is the tailor who, from humble beginnings learning the trade in Shanghai, became one of the city’s famed shirt makers. The Ascot Chang company, founded in 1953, is a global favorite for those looking for quality, fit, and style.

The Ascot Chang for the Armoury collaboration of five years now has produced a popular series of polos, with details that elevate the average polo to one that can be worn with sport coats and suits.

Unlike conventional polos, which are made of a single panel, the Ascot Chang for The Armoury polos have collars that mirror that of a shirt—with a stiff band that allows the collar to stand.

Most conventional polos have collars that can easily slip or sag underneath a jacket’s lapel. The addition of the collar band helps in avoiding this issue entirely. The collar’s spread is also quite easy and open, which creates an ideal presentation without a jacket as well.

The polo is constructed out of a hefty cotton piqué for a nice drape. It comes in both long and short sleeve versions. The Ascot Chang for The Armoury polo ready-to-wear is made slightly longer than an average polo shirt, meant to be tucked in. Of course, for those who want something less dressy, clients can also alter the length of the polo for a more casual look that pairs well with chinos and denim.

The Armoury stocks a number of ready-to-wear polo selections in a variety of colors, making the Ascot Chang for The Armoury polo a great investment outside of seasonal constraints.

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