Artisan Spotlight: Salvatore Ambrosi

Salvatore Ambrosi weaves decades of experience into his hand-stitched trousers from Napoli.

Italian tailor Salvatore Ambrosi spends seven months of his year traversing the globe, making trousers for his international clientele. The native Neapolitan appreciates this lifestyle, as he has always been hungry to see the world.

Born in Naples’ Quartieri Spagnoli, Ambrosi found solace in the family business: tailoring.

“It was not the worst part, but certainly a rough area of the city. Criminals lived there. While my background was not easy, living there has helped make me strong,” he explains. “I also never continued with school, because at that time we didn’t have money, and the economy was doing very badly. As a result, my mum preferred that I stay at home, where my grandfather and father made trousers for a living.”

Under the tutelage and encouragement of his grandfather, Ambrosi started learning the craft at the ripe age of eight years old. Ambrosi started by sweeping the floors of the workshop space for his family, whose clients included some of Italy’s leading brands such as Kiton and Cesare Attolini.

Launching on his own, in part thanks to the burgeoning interest in niche menswear tailoring in the far corners of the internet, Ambrosi found a dedicated following in the United States and abroad.

Ambrosi’s craftsmanship is much sought-after, as the fit is hard to replicate with use of machinery. Ambrosi hand stitches 80% of his garments, which gives him the ability to create a variation in tension. This is vital to ensure that fabric at a trouser’s back can relax and stretch, providing a more flattering shape. Often thought of as a form of embellishment, hand-stitching is a focal point of Ambrosi’s tailoring method.

“Making trousers is not easy for most people, but for me it is. It’s like a language. When you are born into a family that is steeped in this kind of culture, it is easy. That said, running a business is much harder. I made a lot of mistakes when I was younger. In Napoli, we are very relaxed, and my father and grandfather were not businessmen. Thankfully, I’ve learned a lot since then, learning with the support of my business partners,” Ambrosi explains.

Ambrosi’s hand-stitched trousers are available in store and online at The Armoury.