A Week's Worth: How to Wear Seersucker

How to wear seersucker | NYC manager, Jim Parker, shows us how to wear seersucker for the dog days of summer.

Our navy-on-navy seersucker tie from Drake's is a great way to incorporate the fabric into your wardrobe. Wear it instead of your navy knit on casual Friday with any sport coat in your closet.

Seersucker shirts are criminally underrated, like this custom one from our private label brand. The puckered nature of the fabric helps it stand away from your body on the hottest days. Try one instead of yet another Oxford cloth button down at your next Labor Day barbecue.

A lot of people, including our owner Mark, like to wear seersucker odd jackets, but I prefer to do the opposite: seersucker trousers with an odd jacket. To make it slightly less Southern Ivy, I like to pair it with a denim shirt.

Seersucker doesn't have to be striped, as demonstrated by this blue-on-blue seersucker Ring Jacket suit. Pair it with some toned down accessories, and no one will bat an eye at the office.

In the South, we've been wearing seersucker suits for over 100 years. To me, it's as appropriate and practical in the summer as a gray flannel suit in a New York winter. With that in mind, skip the colorful accessories (with maybe the exception of a light pastel shirt), and opt for a somber tie and black shoes.