A Week's Worth: Amechi Ugwu

New York sales associate, Amechi Ugwu, gives us his take on five outfits as spring weather approaches.

Ring Jacket grey flannel suit and New York cold season; a match made in sartorial heaven. I wear this as a three piece, two piece and as an odd trouser, no other suit gives me that type of versatility.

Ring Jacket visits The Armoury two times a year for their MTM trunk shows. Visit our schedule here for more information.

The ethos behind the Italian tie manufacturer Tie Your Tie reminds me a lot of taking photos with a film camera. You have to have a certain sense of familiarity with them in order to get your desired results. There's a bit of a learning curve with each one. Understanding the weight of the cloth and what type of knot it inherently ties makes it almost as fun as the unique patterns they all carry.

I like wearing denim shirts with heavier cloths like this Harris Tweed. Their textures always play well together and I still feel cool, even after ditching the jacket and tie at karaoke.

Orazio Luciano is quintessentially Neapolitan and unequivocally easy to wear. I'm always amazed at how well I can move in this jacket, which comes in handy when I'm in the shop fitting clients.

The Armoury's own army chinos are the ultimate casual trouser. I always reach for them on my days off. They're super comfortable and wear like denim, so I can be as rough as I'd like on them.