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10 Questions with Andreas Weinas

We sit down with executive editor of Manolo Sweden, Andreas Weinas.

With my personal style I believe in harmony. I don´t wish my garments to scream at people but rather harmonize together.

1) Can you tell us a little about Manolo Sweden? How did it get started?

Manolo is the leading style guide in Sweden concerning more sartorial and sustainable matters. We focus on construction, craftsmanship and style over trends. We cover everything from small tailoring houses to major brands and aside from tailoring we also write about shoes, accessories and fine watches. The site was started over ten years ago, and I joined as Executive Editor in 2013. Manolo is owned by one of Sweden's major publishing houses for whom I work on a freelance basis. My work includes the day-to-day content of Manolo and a role as editor for the print magazine King owned by the same publisher. On top of this I do some creative consulting and collaborations with a few companies in the industry.

2) How would you describe your personal style? Where did your interest in clothes come from?

I developed an interest in menswear quite late. It was after high school and I was initially more into the fashion part but quickly got tired of the ever changing trends from one season to another. I found the more sartorial part of the business to be more sustainable, not just in terms of the environment, but also in terms of style. With my personal style I believe in harmony. I don´t wish my garments to scream at people but rather harmonize together. There´s no secret that I´m a fan of the classic navy and greys but I also love the subtle combinations of cream, taupe, light grey and sand in a low contrast outfit.

3) What influence has living and growing up in Sweden had on your style?

I´m actually born and raised in Gothenburg on the west coast of Sweden. I moved to Stockholm about five years ago after I studied textile economics for three years in Sweden´s textile mecca: Borås. Since I moved to Stockholm my style have been even more formal and sartorial and I must honestly say that I consider Stockholm to be one of the best dressed cities in the world. The combination of Scandinavian minimalism and an eye for detail is present among both consumers and stores. In Sweden people wear ties less often nowadays, but I still think it's wonderful to see someone with a perfect four-in-hand on the subway or in the line for coffee.

4) You’re known for your classic, yet interesting, clothing combinations. Is there a particular ensemble that you never get tired of wearing?

There are lots of them. I actually wrote a piece on the matter recently where I summarized some of the ensembles and color combinations that I tend to always fall back upon. My navy MTM suit from Cesare Attolini is one, my brown flannel Sport Coat from Orazio Luciano is another. The fact is that I think there's no single RTW product that fits me better than the Model 3 and 6 from The Armoury. I remember trying it out first time I visited the New York store a few years back, and I was blown away by the high armhole, soft but extended shoulders and balanced cut. I think I've had 5-6 pieces since then. On top of that I have a soft spot for mid grey trousers in flannel or fresco, Bengal stripe shirts and for some reason I fancy loafers and oxfords more than any other shoes.

5) You spend a lot of time on the go. Is there an article of clothing you always end up packing when you travel?

A navy blazer. Preferably a high twist wool or a hopsack that will work with charcoal trousers, a shirt and tie but also with a pair of cotton trousers and a popover for a more casual attire.

6) You're a watch collector as well. What attracts you to watches? Is it the same things that attract you to menswear?

In some way it´s similar. I started collecting watches after I got my grandfather's old Rolex Datejust from my father about 12 years ago. It is a humble watch in most ways but by far the one I value the most. I have great respect for the skill of a watch maker and the technicality of the movements but my biggest attraction is the aesthetics and how it compliments the rest of my outfit. It can also be the history of a watch or a specific model that got me interested and for a long time I focused on what I consider to be true icons of the watch industry like the Omega Speedmaster, AP Royal Oak, Patek Philippe Nautilus and the Rolex GMT Master but now I find new and exciting pieces that spark my interest all the time.

7) Is there a next piece you've got your eye on?

I have a few things I´d like. I think the mid size version of Vacherons Americain 1921 is wonderful, unique and fits perfectly on my wrist. Another watch that has been a grail of mine for almost a decade has been the Rolex Daytona 6263 Big Red from my birth year. But I´ll have to save up a bit more for that one...

8) What is your biggest interest outside of menswear?

Both my wife and I love food and wine, so I try to experience as many restaurants and food concepts as possible. I also love traveling which comes in handy with my work where I get to go over the world for photo shoots, press trips and interviews.

9) Where do you see menswear trending over the next five to ten years?

I think we've seen the first major turn in which the silhouette is finally becoming more tailored. Trousers are cut fuller with a higher rise and jackets have more classic proportions. I think this is a great thing but in terms of the consumer behaviour I believe that the online business will be even more prominent and for brick and mortar stores it will become crucial to have a unique service and experience like Made to Measure for example.

10) If a tourist had only one day in Stockholm, where would you recommend visiting?

I would avoid the old town (Gamla Stan) which normally attracts most tourists and focus on a beautiful walk along Strandvägen and out on Djurgården where you'll find museums and the restaurant Oaxen Slip which is a personal favourite for lunch. For drinks and dinner I would recommend Teaterbaren and Riche if you want to feel the city´s pulse.

Andreas's Grandfather's vintage Rolex Datejust and his Patek Philippe Nautilus, two watches he considers to be true icons
Andreas in The Armoury Model 6
Andreas in The Armoury Model 3
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